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Custom Designed and Fabricated Ocular Prosthetics

Creating a comfortable, functional, lifelike ocular prosthesis is a complex process requiring great attention to painstaking detail and craftsmanship. Cosmetic restoration for anophthalmos, congenitally disfigured globes, or traumatized eyes begins with an impression and the fabrication of a model prosthesis, which will ensure a flush-fitting device. Exact replicas of the fellow iris and sclera are then hand-painted, all of which ensures a close resemblance to the companion eye, in color and shape.

Marcus Soper and his associates use innovative state-of-the-art techniques, many of which they have developed, and work diligently to make sure the prosthesis fits perfectly and moves in a lifelike fashion. Comfort, functional continuous wear and a lifelike appearance is the goal of our practice.

Mr. Soper and his associates treat this complex process with understanding, patience and care, right in their in-office laboratory. This ensures the patient will have a custom-fitted, hand-painted prosthesis designed specifically for him or her.


Left eye after enucleation


Left eye prosthesis in place

Phthisis Bulbi.jpg

Left eye with phthisis bulbi

Phthisis Bulbi1.jpg

Left eye prosthesis in place

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