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Quality Statement

Soper Brothers & Associates, Inc., (Soper) is a clinic specializing in providing ocular needs of patients. We fabricate custom-designed ocular prosthetics and contact lenses. We have been in business since 1948, serving several generations of patients. The profession of Ocularist involves medical sciences, small-scale fabrication and artistic specialties.


Soper is committed to achieving and maintaining the highest standard of quality of patient care and services. We also maintain the best quality of prosthetics. At Soper, quality means the totality of features and characteristics that bear on the ability of our products to satisfy fitness-for-use, including safety and performance. As President of Soper, I have the authority and responsibility for the quality policy of this company. The management and employees are also committed to this standard. All contractors, vendors, supplier and consultants of Soper are also expected to adhere to this standard of quality.


It is the goal of Soper’s quality program to be in compliance with the current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Quality System Regulations (QSR) of the Food and Drug Administration, Texas Department of Health and other health and medical practice regulatory agencies.


A quality program is in place at Soper to assure that quality is defined, implemented, documented, and maintained. The quality program includes the Quality Manual, Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and records. The quality program is a dynamic document that reflects the current status and conditions of the production processes and quality procedures. It is the goal of Soper to keep the Quality System current and up to date.

Marcus Soper BCO, FCLSA

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